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MyDrive Connect Anomaly

John-JayJohn-Jay Posts: 629 [Supreme Pioneer]
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In my opinion, the following is just simply bizarre!

I opened up MyDrive Connect & saw that I had a couple of minor updates available (Cameras, etc).

Connected my Device & both the Device & the Software recognised each other & connected.

Proceeded to review the Updates & selected "Update-All"!

Immediately a warning message came stating that I had "No-Internet-Connection", although I was STILL getting Internet connection (as proven by refreshing my Browser). Obviously, because of this, MyDrive Connect did NOT (apparently) go into Download and/or Installing modes.

Whilst wondering what I was supposed to do next, my TomTom suddenly went into the "Updating - Do Not Disconnect" Message.

I felt very confused because I now had a TomTom device effectively locked-in (because of the Do Not Disconnect) but, apparently, NOT going to do anything because I'm STILL getting the "No-Internet-Connection" message from MyDrive Connect.

After a few minutes, suddenly the TomTom declared "Update Completed - Disconnect Device" - even while I still had "No-Internet-Connection"!!

I disconnected TomTom & MyDrive Connect was "apparently" still unresponsive.

Not until I reconnected TomTom did the "No-Internet-Connection" message reset!!

Ultimately, it all worked - however I did find it worrying that it had (apparently) locked the Device into Updating Mode whilst (at the same time) NOT connecting to the Internet.

Needless to say, I had serious concerns that I could have ended up with a "Brick"!!




  • NiallNiall Posts: 10,570 Superuser
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  • John-JayJohn-Jay Posts: 629 [Supreme Pioneer]
    Hi, @Niall ,

    Thanks for the Link!

    As far as I can tell, that Link is discussing methods to prevent MyDrive Connect from disrupting the PC's WiFi connection??

    However, in my situation, the PC remained connected (albeit via Wifi) to the Router & to the Internet at ALL times - it was just MyDrive Connect falsely suggesting that the PC had lost Internet Connection!!

    Even though MyDrive Connect was asserting that there was NO Internet connection, it still download (& then installed) the updates!!

    (NB:- MY GO5100 was connected to the PC via the "normal" USB connection)!



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