Watch buzzes at 5.30am...why?

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Hi there, I just bought a Spark cardio plus music watch, and Ive noticed that every morning at 5.30am it buzzes/vibrates for no apparent reason and wakes me up. Its not set to alarm. Any ideas why it does this and how I can turn it off? Thanks.


  • tfarabaugh
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    Do you have a calorie or other goals set under the Tracker? Since calories are based on BMR, they will be the same every day and it could be alerting you that you hit the goal. Go to Tracker>Goals and set it for off or set another goal.

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    It is set to Calories, but at 5.30 in the morning sitting on my bedside table I don't think it would be counting them would it? I'll turn it off anyway and see how it goes.