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Start 25 Map update

I can't update my Start 25 as I only have a tablet. The My Drive download from the plays store does not support this model. Checking the Tom Tom website you can only install on a mac or windows.

Any ideas?


  • tgoldtgold Posts: 2,103 [Revered Pioneer]
    Yes, you must use a computer that will run the TomTom application called MyDrive Connect for which there are only Windows and MacOS versions. The Android app named MyDrive has a confusingly similar name however it has nothing whatever to do with that function and is purely a tool to manage, store and syndicate routes and locations.
  • SteveH40SteveH40 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thanks tgold.

    You would think a company like TT would realise that Tablets are more predominant than pc's now and update the software.
  • tgoldtgold Posts: 2,103 [Revered Pioneer]
    Your device was released around seven years ago and at a time when parts costs made the configuration of a dumb PND connected for maintenance to a smarter appliance made sense. One trend is not to keep that configuration with the consequent need forever to chase whatever smart appliances are in vogue but to make the PNDs themselves smarter and with the ability to connect directly to the Internet via WiFi, allowing users to maintain them without any intermediate appliances. Another trend is to put the fuctionality of PNDs into the smart mobile devices that users already own.
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