Errors when pairing Runner 3 with HTC M9

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Hi, since last updated, I have dificulties to pair the watch with my phone. Previously all was perfect.
Now, when pairing, watch shows indicator that it is paired but mobile app is still waiting and waiting... But if I check more detailed it shows, it was paired just seconds ago. I also reinsstalled app and unpaired/click to forget the watch and started from zero. Didn't help. See screenshots attached as well. Photo with watch made same time. Can anyone advise?507c0269-e102-45ad-b176-a6f7d3508b4e.pngd3eaa62e-3a78-4782-a37e-6860f3fc7b81.jpg2fc11629-3640-4622-8a4c-a29b84cdf0e3.png


  • lampard
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    Hi Evija,

    Welcome to the Community!

    Are you still facing this issues? Can you please try a factory reset on you watch to see if it makes any improvement in this behaviour?

    Let us know the outcome!

    Cheers, lampard
  • Evija
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    Hi, made the favtory reset yesterday. Unfortunatelly, today tried to log sport activity and the same problem. Only way I can synhronize activities is to forget/unpair device and then pair again. This is taking too much time and is quite annoying. :(
    After re-pairing, next time I connect tomtom and phone - same problem.