Background timeout is too short

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I'm a new Tomtom mobile user and one of the features of this app that appealed to me is background mode, unfortunately there there's a problem with it, which seems to have been kicked around for a couple of years now and there still doesn't appear to be an answer/resolution.

When I ride a motorcycle, my phone is in my pocket and I rely upon the spoken turn instructions exclusively. Background mode ought to be perfect for this scenario, but the 3 minute timeout is ridiculous and effectively renders this feature useless.

Please extend the timeout to 15-20 minutes at least or explain the rationale for making it so short?


As an alternative, remove the map layer when displaying the turn summary:
Once a route is made active, a description of first turn is displayed in a box at the top of the screen. If you hit this box a summary of all turns along the route are displayed as an overlay on top of the map. Now, if only the text summary of turns were to be displayed without the map layer appearing underneath, the app would remain active, but battery drain would be reduced by not displaying a dynamic map. I'm sure this is a compromise that would make a lot of motorcyclists happy.


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    I agree, it's annoying that it stops so quickly, I can't even stop for fuel etc without having to restart so give us an option in setting 5/10/15 minutes etc
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    Anyone from TT care to comment on why this timer is so short?