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"I received an e-mail offering Live Services for £22.95, but when I click on "add to cart" only the full price is shown, and a message appears saying the code I entered is invalid. I did not enter any code. The offer expires today, I began trying yesterday, so it was not out of date.

I cannot find help anywhere on this, and they won't speak to you on the phone if your Satnav is over 5 years old! (Which their recorded voice didn't tell me until after I'd spent several minutes going through their recorded questions)

Is there any way to get round this?". I logged into my account and looked at prices and only the full prices were shown, no special offers. £22.95 was the fee for only 3 months, so no bargain there. I need to ask someone for advice but I cannot find any way of doing so.

If I try to reply to the original e-mail, I get a message saying it isn't monitored and to go to a link for customer service. When I click on the link it just tells me it doesn't exist. I try to find customer services. I find a link that says "speak to someone" but it does not give me any way of speaking to someone. I'm feeling pretty peeved.

Is there any way I can get any help on this?


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    Call support again but do NOT provide a model when asked and a live agent will come on the line:

    :flag_gb: United Kingdom
    02079 490 134
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
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    Thanks for your help. I did try, but the line quality was so bad that I couldn't even hear the muzak they play while you wait to speak. It was breaking up so much, there's no way I would be able to speak to anyone. However, it seems to me likely that they were in fact only offering £22.95 for 3 months, not for a whole year. I don't get that - it works out more expensive over a year to do it that way, so why send you an email about it as if it's a great offer - and not mention in the e-mail that it's only 3 mths? I doubt if I will buy this brand of SatNav again, the website is a nightmare and if you are not even allowed to ask a question about anything at all unless your Satnav is under 5, that really angers me. I can understand their saying they won't repair my Satnav, but my Satnav is working perfectly and I would not expect them or ask them to repair it beyond the guarantee period. However, I am still a customer and I still should be able to ask more general questions and get help with things like offers. If you can't contact them they should not be sending you "offers". One way communication is not helpful.