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How long should an XXL 540S last on a full charge?

devildog4devildog4 Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
Just bought a brand new battery. Fully charged (in the house - not moving) the thing only last 90 minutes.

This seems rather short. Any ideas?


  • dhndhn Posts: 33,350
    Probably within the ballpark. That said, the device is meant to operate with the accompanying car charger when in the auto.
  • devildog4devildog4 Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
    Thx for the prompt reply DHN...I understand the design of always charging in the car. Having said that I'm a little shocked to see it last for such a short time. It wasn't moving, so the only
    discharge was keeping itself on the satellite track.

    I would like to use it on my bicycle, however being limited to a 90 minute ride wouldn't be fun.
    (It probably wouldn't last that long since the screen would be constantly moving)...
  • dhndhn Posts: 33,350
    There are USB battery packs that you can use with the device. Check on Amazon or similar. Just make sure the storage capacity is sufficient.
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