Ford MCA V7 updating the software

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Can anyone tell me if there is a straightforward way of updating this software? I've searched and searched with all roads pointing towards a purchasing a brand new SD card rather than an online update


  • K12-Blue
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    I'm also looking for a new version of the MAPS for a Ford S-MAX.
    The North of Portugal is missing lots of roads (old and new ones).
    Also there's lots of Fixed Radars missing... on the old Version.

    A new version with updated maps is long overdue!
  • TomFX
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    Just released (navmapstore, ebay, ...) 2018 V8 version dated 21.11.2017.
    But big disappointment:
    -V8 only, while other Tomtom SD maps like for VW have V10 since mid 2017
    -TMC is enabled for 14 countries only, while V10 have 25 countries supported

    Question for Tomtom - when can we expect SD with full EU TMC coverage for Ford MCA?
    I understand long release time, but this is much too slow, come on, two years...
    Or can we copy TMC database into SD card afterwards?