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Flows not converted into incidents

totobel2totobel2 Posts: 19 [Master Traveler]

The flows are good to detect road closures, but it seems they are not converted into incidents => our PND are unaware of the road closures.

Example here


  • totobel2totobel2 Posts: 19 [Master Traveler]
    The same applies to traffic : plenty of yellow, and orange detected by the flows and not converted into yellow/orange incidents

  • totobel2totobel2 Posts: 19 [Master Traveler]
    Can anyone confirm the tech team is working on this bug ?
  • FdellSFdellS Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]

    Best you report missing traffic to the customer care, as a forum is not the right place.

    I think for road closures you can use the mapshare website.In case they are temporary, it will be picked up quickly by the them..

  • FdellSFdellS Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
    For missing traffic find the template here:

    you can use this to provide all relevant details to the customer care.
  • totobel2totobel2 Posts: 19 [Master Traveler]
    I don't want to report "a few" issues here.
    I want to inform you that there is a general issue.
    There are hundred or thousands of cases.

    Support isn't the right place either because they lose 12 emails echange to ask me to reboot and reset my device.
    It's a case for the traffic team in amsterdam, because it's a big general issue
  • totobel2totobel2 Posts: 19 [Master Traveler]
    Please confirm the team is working on this important issue
  • totobel2totobel2 Posts: 19 [Master Traveler]
    What is a exactly the role of the moderators of this forum, if it isn't to report issue and/or to propose solutions ?
  • totobel2totobel2 Posts: 19 [Master Traveler]
    FYI, a case was open.

    Another good example of the issue is this.
    This highway 120 in California is closed every winter. it was correctly detected by a black flow but not converted into a incident.
    There a hundreds and thousands of those issues all over the globe.

  • totobel2totobel2 Posts: 19 [Master Traveler]
    FTI, a ticket has been created 2 weeks ago, I still have no progress on this massively important worldwide issue.
  • TotobelTotobel Posts: 79 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    New issues everyday.

    Today : 15min traffic jam not detected
    (Although the flows are correct, again)

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