Traffic information does not work in TOMTOM Go app (1.17) on Android (8.1.0)

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I have used the Tomtom Go app for 3 years now, but since about a year it does not provide me with traffic information anymore. The maps are functioning but in the right upper corner I see a picture of a car with a cross where there should be traffic information.

I have a Nexus 5X with Android (current version 8.1.0) but is has not worked for a long time, also in previous Android versions. I read in old posts on this forum that it is recommended to remove proxy settings at the APN's menu, but this does not work. My internet connection works fine so that is not the problem.

Does anyone have an advice how to solve this issue?


  • VikramK
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    Hi Nienke87

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    Are you sure that you have turned 'ON' TomTom Traffic service on the app, see the user guide here

    If the settings are configured correctly then I would advise you to do a reset, plan a route and test it again.

    Should you still have connectivity issues then I please contact customer service to report the problem.