One 3rd Generation Update maps only on Windows 10

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This is my 2nd TomTom, and it's ONE 3rd Generation. All I want is to update my local maps in Ontario. I'll probably mostly drive locally as I don't do highways. I am 63, and have no interest in any bells and whistles, -traffic conditions etc. I don't understand what has happened to TomTom, but the supposed Lifetime Map Updates is not working. Apparently I have let this contraption sit too long as I just used Google maps. I've only used this TomTom a few times, and now It apparently has zero support not even through email? All is beyond disappointing. Is this garbage now, or is there any hope that I can update the local maps somewhere? If so, where please. Right now, when I try to put in an address that's only 11KM away, my device states the number on the address doesn't exist? The house has been there for 40+ years?


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    Tomtom have already stated that Lifetime Maps and any existing Map Subscriptions will be honoured

    See VikramK Post (TomTom Staff) Here....

    If you have Lifetime Maps or an existing Map Subscriptions Call Tomtom Support...

    When calling... When prompted by the Auto Response System DO NOT provide your Tomtom model information, wait for a live agent to respond

    :flag_ca: Canada (en)
    +1 877-757-7137
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST

    :flag_ca: Canada (fr)
    +1 888 301 0690
    lundi-vendredi: 06h00-11h30 EDT

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    I would be VERY surprised if such an old model (from at least 10 years ago) offered Lifetime maps (but I'm frequently wrong).

    Anyway, make the call using the information provided by YamFazMan above.
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    Don't ask me how I did it, but ended up finding the right installation on TomTom Home2? I downloaded the update and maps. Thank you for your time and efforts.