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No updates? What now???

Travel WolfTravel Wolf Posts: 5 [Apprentice Traveler]
Hi there,

I used for many years my TomTom XL Live (R1 series). But now I received an email that TomTom no longer make updates for the map. And so on...

I am very disappointed about that!! I used this device NEXT to my official navigation of the car.

What is the latest map I can still get on my device (now: Western Europe v980.7957 )? Does TomTom give the latest for free as compensation for the fact they no longer supports those devices?
I had the last updates in 2016 and planned to update every 2 years now.

The reason I want to keep this device is:
  • I have in my car the holder for it
  • It supports OV2 en BMP files, which I can add with explorer in windows
  • It supports coordinates in format: N52 50.123 E006 30.123

Navigatiesysteem AKUAC ASGQA
Appl 9.510.1234792.2, OS 842337
Kaart Western Europe v980.7957 (geïnstalleerd is het deel met o.a. Scandinavië en Benelux)

Dutch Greetings.


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