From Strava to TomTom

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My tomtom app is connected to my strava app.
when I use my watch, connected to my phone my activity is automatically updated to my stava app

This morning when I wanted to go for a ride my watch died of low battery . I used my phone with my strava app instead of my watch to record my activity.

How do I get my activity from strava to my tomtom app? or can I put my activity results manually to my tomtom app?

your support will be appreciated.


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    Unfortunately, there is no way to upload activities not created by the watch and no way to manually add an activity. However, you can start a new activity, immediately stop and save it and then upload it. You can then go into MySports and edit the activity with the correct distance, time, etc... The date and time of the activity will not be correct and you will have no map but it will get added into your lifetime totals and other stats.

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