MyDrive truck settings

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I was wondering , if I use the MyDrive app and set the settings to truck , ie weights and sizes , and then set a destination , it will take into account the vehicle and route accordingly avoiding bridges etc , then send route to device and away I go .

if during the route I encounter traffic and then the hardware Rejigs the route , does it still factor in the vehicle size ? Or revert back to a car ?




  • YamFazMan
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    The device recalculates the route for a Car (Or what ever vehicle chosen from settings menus)

    Just planned a Truck route on the MyDrive Web Route planner
    Worcestershire to John 0 Groats Speed set to 50MPH = 13Hours 5Mins 578 Miles

    Sent the route (Track) to my GO 620 Selected the route (Track)
    Tapped the 'Drive' button... GO 620 reports 10Hours 15Mins 576 Miles