Tomtom Adventurer - compatibility with Zwift and Strava

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I've recently purchased a Wahoo Kickr Snap and a Zwift account. I'd like to pair it with my Tomtom Adventurer sportwatch so my HR is tracked during Zwift activities, which I want to export to Strava afterwards. Is this at all possible and what kind of set-up do I need (bluetooth/wifi)? I have all apps (zwift mobile link, tomtom mysports, strava) on my phone ánd my laptop.



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    You cannot do it. The watch does not transmit data and does not read data from the Kickr. You can start an activity on your watch which will record your HR but you will not have any distance, speed, etc.. If Zwift can export a file with your cycling stats you could probably combine that and the TT HR data in a third party program, but that is about it.

    I imagine this is not what you were hoping to hear but let me know if this answered your question. If it did, please mark it as a solution so other can look for it if they have the same question.