Updating the TomTom Start

Captain Fishfinger
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I have a Tom Tom Start which I have been informed has reached it's sell by 'update' date. I have received various messages from Tom Tom to buy a new unit but seem to be unable to contact anyone as to how I recover the yearly update fee I paid last year and for which I have received no updates. I have sent various messages including the Paypal receipt but the sites I have been advised to contact keep coming up as 'not available'.
I would prefer another Tom Tom but so far it looks like a rip off.
Any suggestions?



  • VikramK
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    Hi @Captain Fishfinger

    Welcome to the community:)

    I reviewed your account and I see the subscription you purchased was not compatible with your Start device.

    I have made the necessary changes so now you will be able to download new map updates using TomTom HOME.

    Although the device has been declared end of life, the map updates will continue till the subscription is active.