Can't set a destination in Mexico

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I have a model of 4EQ50 Z1230. I thought this was a VIA 1535TM, but when I enter the BO series number, the script returns a model of 130.
Regardless, I'm finding the navigation impossible. I also have a cheap Magellan that is enormously more friendly, and I'm wondering if I'm just doing something wrong with the TomTom. For starters, there is no way to "hit enter" after I enter an address.

Even though I have maps of Canada, USA, and Mexico, there appears to be no way to add a Mexican city as a destination. What the heck is wrong with this? Surely I'm missing something.


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    Re your NAV3 Via 130
    To search for an Address in another Country
    On the screen where you enter your City/Postcode
    Screen top right is a Flag Icon... Tap the Flag Icon
    Type Mex or as much of the countries name ie... Mexico to put the Mexican map Icon at the top of the list
    Tap the Mexican Flag Icon
    Now you can enter your Mexican Address
    The Mexican map will now be the default Map

    If you plan a trip to another Country you will have to change the Map as above to suit
    Don't forget to switch back to the Canada Map on your return