Hi All,

We've just released a new software update v17.3 and it's available for download in MyDrive Connect. This update applies to below devices:
GO 40, GO 400, GO 500/510, GO 5100, GO 520 Wi-Fi, GO 520, GO 520 Wi-Fi, GO 5200 Wi-Fi, GO 530, GO 60 / 61, GO 600, GO 6000, GO 610, GO 6100, GO 620 Wi-Fi, GO 6200 Wi-Fi, START 40, START 50, START 60, START 42, START 52, START 62, VIA 52, VIA 62, RIDER 40, RIDER 400, RIDER 400, RIDER 410, Trucker 500, Trucker 5000, Trucker 6000, GO PROFESSIONAL 520, GO PROFESSIONAL 620, GO PROFESSIONAL 6200, GO PROFESSIONAL 6250
  • MyDrive sync: Your device now also shows stops for synced tracks from MyDrive.
  • My Routes search: You can now more easily find a route by searching your stored routes by name.
  • Route preview: You can now play a route preview for routes that start from a different location than your current one.
  • Roundabout voice instruction: Following your feedback, we have changed the voice instructions for upcoming roundabouts.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements have been made.

Drive safe!:)

Cheers, lampard
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  • tonymibtonymib Posts: 17 [Outstanding Explorer]
    6 months since the last big feature update and then this!

    Wow I can search routes and have a new roundabout voice!

    Applause to the coding team!! You’ve surpassed yourselves
  • almostherealmosthere Posts: 69 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    The feedback I, and others gave about the roundabout voice, was that it was perfectly OK since they got rid of the 'go around the roundabout' nonsense of a previous update.
    I'm not uploading this update until someone here can be kind enough to tell me what the syntax for roundabouts is now. Anyone?
  • simplysusimplysu Posts: 13 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Some examples:

    "Go left on the roundabout, and take the first exit".
    "Go right on the roundabout, and take the third exit".
    "Cross the roundabout, and take the second exit".
    "Cross the roundabout, and take the first exit" (this on a roundabout where the first exit *is* across the roundabout).
    "Cross the roundabout, and take the third exit" (again, that exit is across the roundabout, so this is better than "go right")

    I think they've put some thought into it.
  • MrMMrM Posts: 148 [Exalted Navigator]
    Psstt..., Lampard, do you think this update will come for the Mobile App as well?
  • achie22achie22 Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Updates & new items, I have 6 of them to be downloaded, but when I click to download them they do for 20 or so seconds then STOP!! WHY
  • Marcel van EllenMarcel van Ellen Posts: 8 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Is my rider 40 now ipx7 waterproof too with this upgrade?? ;)
  • Ovalball03Ovalball03 Posts: 289 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    The roundabout instructions are now more or less back to where they were before Tomtom thought it would be a good idea to change them.I can’t comment on the other so called improvements because they are not features I will use.
  • Kwclough5100Kwclough5100 Posts: 33 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Appears that that search bug has been fixed.
    When searching through my own poi group it would bomb out and only search my places.
    Working properly all day today so hope it continues.

    Only wish we were allowed to report a camera hotspot as an active mobile camera.
    (Report button is disabled while in the hot spot zone)
  • bigbig Posts: 1,552 Superuser
    achie22 wrote:
    ... when I click to download them they do for 20 or so seconds then STOP!! WHY
    It probably will work if you download just one at a time. Untick all the ones you can, then apply one at a time.
  • 4x4 Tim4x4 Tim Posts: 22 [Outstanding Explorer]
    What good are updates like this when TomTom software fails to download updates? I've been trying for 5 hours to get a simple map update. Downloader keeps hanging (yes, brand new install of the software). The software isn't hanging so much as getting to a point then no longer using full bandwidth, rather is drops to a few kbytes per second while the network is able to do 100 meg per second.

    Support wants me to do a reinstall on top of the brand new install I just did. Worst part is now that I've install the TomTom MyConnect, its taking forever to get DNS replies (yeah, I am computer literate and the know its the TomTom software causing the issue).

    Worst part is the latest TomTom opens up a port in the firewall so that ANYONE who wants to can access the computer any time the TomTom software is running. What fun, especially in this time of RansomWare... just wait until they figure out this security hole.
  • bigbig Posts: 1,552 Superuser
    How could TomTom open up a port on your firewall without your permission? And even with your permission, wouldn't the exception be made only for itself?

    For what it's worth TomTom uses ports 80, 443, 3128, 3129 and 4000. Most download failures are caused by anti-virus programs blocking the downloads and/or analyzing all the traffic a few bytes at a time, then starting the connection up all over again.
  • Ichiban365Ichiban365 Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    "Your device now also shows stops for synced tracks from MyDrive."

    It would be better if it put in the stops as waypoints and not just as points on the track. Maybe this could be optional?
  • Tony the WidTony the Wid Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hi all

    Does anyone know where there is a downloadable (eg .pdf) User Manual for v17.3? Latest from TT seems to be for v16.4, although I found a web-based version (http) *click here*

    I just bought a new GO 520, and will refer to a manual regularly until I get to know the beast's quirks and capabilities. Having a pdf version on my iPad or phone lets me do this while away from the net.

    Tony Dubya in Australia
  • bigbig Posts: 1,552 Superuser
  • Tony the WidTony the Wid Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thanks "big", but I have this version 16.4 of the book, looking for 17.3. Seem to be some real changes to UI. No matter, we'll work it out. On the whole I'm impressed with the GO620 but sometimes the routing algorithm yields wierd results, especially when rerouting as traffic disruptions change during travel. It would be really nice to be able to select more routing preferences... Tony Dubya
  • bigbig Posts: 1,552 Superuser
    Yes, unfortunately that's the latest version made available as far as I know.
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