Charging circuit faulty-Go Live 1005

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I have a Tomtom Go Live 1005. Some time ago in Spain, when it was quite warm outside, all of a sudden the battery did not seem to hold its charge anymore. I thought it was the battery, but now that I think of it, you would expect a battery to degrade over time and not all of a sudden.

Anyway, replaced the battery which is really easy. After replacing it, the device worked perfectly on the battery. I wanted to charge it completely, put it back in the car and connected it to the lighter, as always. I was a bit surprised to see that after a few hours the charging light was still not green...

When I pulled out the power plug, it stopped after a second or so. Now it takes half an hours before I can even start it, it seems to charge a tiny little bit after that time so it can launch itself, and then it works fine, although traffic information cannot be loaded (which is a pain as I just extended the subscription).

When powered, the light first starts blinking in some random pattern, then a more steady pattern, then it stays red, but you can't switch it on yet, it sort of displays something on the screen for a quarter of a second. After some more time you can switch it on.

Long story short: I think it is not so much the battery, but some charging circuitry. Does anyone know if I can fix this myself? It's not the car, tried to charge it from my laptop, tried to charge it from a USB adapter, etc. Did all you can reset, even the trick with the white text on a black background - all I could find.


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    Better see what support has to say:

    Nederland (Holland)
    020 850 1007
    Maandag t/m vrijdag van 9.00 tot 17:30
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    But it is more than a year old and they will definitely say something that I was not allowed to open the device and replace the battery myself, I'm afraid... But, I'll give it a shot ;-)
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    @dhn: Can you please tell me why you advised me to contact Customer Support, as their response was exactly what I expected: warranty expired, was not allowed to change the battery myself (and the device is that old that there is no support).

    Maybe you had a specific reason to refer me to CS?

    In all honesty I think for a device that is used every now and then, the life time is expected to be alot longer... Without a clue I'll not be able to fix the device myself, although I'm pretty sure it is a simple part that was broken.