How do I add custom POI's to my 450 device?

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I've just upgraded from a TomTom Rider V2.
I've had a hell of a job getting started – plugging and unplugging it to get it up to date - but after many hours have finally sorted that.
With the Rider V2 the Rider's SD card storage showed up as a folder on the desktop - enabling me to drag and drop POI's or anything else (.bmp's etc) into its relevant folder.
I'm unable to find a workable solution to add the POI's I had stored on my Rider 2 (and have saved on my computer) into the new 450 - as the 450 doesn't appear to offer a desktop folder icon to open.
Several solutions point me to MyDriveConnect - My Content but there's no link on there to add POI's
I've got the options of:
My Maps (all/lifetime),
My Speed Cameras (lifetime)
My Voices (and an + Voices option)
and My Services.
Surely it can't be too difficult to have an My POI's + Add POI's on there?
I could of course manually enter all my old POI's but as I've sold the device I have no way of accessing the details.
I used to struggle with the Rider 2 but the support documentation for this unit is shockingly bad.