Peugeot Boxer UConnect software issues

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Hi, need some help!

I took my 2016 Peugeot boxer into my local Peugeot dealer back in August and they have somehow deleted the TomTom software from my head unit. After 4 months of bashing my head against a wall (they didn't know how to fix it) they finally agreed to reimburse me for a new version of the software and sent me a link to follow in order to purchase.
The service assistant instructed me download the software on to a USB stick (which I had to purchase especially for this purpose), take it to the garage and they will install it.
The issue I have is that I am unable to download the software they directed me to, I can only install it directly to a portable device (Which i do not have).

I have now downloaded TomTom home and it shows that I have to buy a different version of the software that is UConnect compatible... But its $84.95. This cost is of course on top of the £39.95 version that Peugeot had already instructed me to buy. Im pretty stuck on what to do!

Have peugeot instructed me to buy the completely wrong thing?


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    Have a word with Customer Services to sort out what you actually need

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