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When I am using the watch with the heart strap and cadence sensor on the turbo training I see that it is recording my heart, Cadence and speed but no distance is recorded?

Is there any way to record the distance? It would be great if there was a turbo training mode similar to a the treadmill mode. .


  • tfarabaugh
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    What watch do you have? If it is a MultiSport which does not have an indoor cycling mode then it is using GPS to get distance and since you are not moving, you will not get distance, even with a sensor attached. Frankly, I am surprised you can even start the activity as it is hard to get GPS indoors. With the Spark and later models, there is an indoor cycling mode that turns off GPS and uses the sensor for distance as well. There is no way to add this mode to your MultiSport (assuming that is the watch you have) and it will not be added as that model is discontinued and TT has left the wearables market altogether and is not producing any new devices, so there will be few changes beyond bug fixes go forward I would imagine.

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