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  • Mbeswick
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    My Tom.tom spark won sync with my app
  • KasiaMac
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    good morning , was wondering if anybody can help me before i decide to return the watch to the place i purchased it from as i am having trouble syncing with my phone and my watch is also having trouble finding my bluetetooth headphones , i have done all the a above steps multiple times and went as back as restoring my phone to help with the issue =still unresolved , pairing code disappears of the watch before i can enter it into my phone . This morning whilst trying to go for a run watch also had problems finding GPS signal, after 10 mins of waiting for the watch to aquire GPS signal i abandoned the idea of using it and ran without it ....
  • pintasm
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    Sil40 wrote:
    @lampard I didn't receive a prompt to download old software when connecting to pc would you please check

    You need to go in settings and reset it. That's it. Then you'll notice your firmware version is different from what is it now.
  • josecnso
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    It could not be offered from the Sports Connect software which version to download on the watch.
    I am waiting for the firmware to solve the problem of the bluetooth connection with the mobile since I updated from version 1.3.255.

    It works badly since version 1.6.26 of 12 September 2017. And I'm still waiting.

  • BassLane
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    Got my Adventurer sportswatch one week ago as a present. Never worked properly. Couldn't pair it to my smartphone (which is compatible). Then suddenly the pairing worked, but the synchronising didn't. So i thought maybe I'll let my phone forget the device and pair it once again, but now it's not working at all.
    The synchronising did work for like 1 or 2 times since i got the watch.
    Sad that my girlfriend payed so much money for a present that doens't work well.
    The forum is full of people like me having troubles with their watch

    Currently running software 1.7.62 because when i first connected it to my computer, it immediately did the software update
  • d_fens
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    I have the same problem with my Spark Cardio Music and Redmi Note 4 Global. Watch displays pin but app does not allow to enter it. Would firmware rollback help in my case?
  • FranW
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    I am running 1.7.62 on my watch and iOS11.2.2 on my iPhone 6 and cannot get the two to pair. Tred everything forgetting, resets etc and no joy. Advice please
  • wlk2828
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    I have a Spark Cardio + music. recently upgraded to latest software 1.7.62 and now can't sync with my iPhone 6s. Please put me on an older version,
  • Fentible
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    Just got an Adventurer which initially paired with my LG G3 (Android 6). However, after the update, the watch will display a PIN but the option to input it on the phone has gone. I don't want to connect to my PC via USB after every activity, the point of an app is to make connection and data sync easy whilst on the move. The current app is evidently unusable (as evidenced by the number of entries in this thread), can a TomTom CS rep please escalate this to the dev team and suggest a workable solution?
  • DCDre
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    Following up to my post and Lampard's downgrading. First reset I did resulted in 1.7.62 back on my phone. I did it a second time just now and it loaded 1.7.60 on my Spark 3. Connected to my phone smoothly, at least the initial time. So far so good. Thanks Lampard!
  • BdeC
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    Hi Lampard,

    After sync problems with my runner 2 on IOS I did a factory reset. It still can't sync with my iphone, can you let me know what to do?


  • grim22
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    Hi From reading the forum the newer software is mainly a corporate bug fix. is it possible to revert to an older version of software? The battery life on my current software 1.7.53 is terrible.
    I really like this device but now that its out of warranty I feeling a bit cheated since before September 17 battery life was a lot better.
    When I do a factory reset it shows 1.7.53 so I'm getting as drained as my battery!
  • Radzix5
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    @lampard When will be new update with fixed problems bluetooth?That problem is from ver 1.6.26 so now six month TomTom do not have nobody who can fixing this problem??
  • dibiemme
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    I would like to understand why tomtom continue to maintain a non-functioning, online, firmware version.
    I have no more words, I have my tomtom in a drawer, 200 euros thrown into the toilet.:rage:
  • d_fens
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    Please downgrade firmware of my Spark to lower version, so I can pair it with my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Global (I guess 1.7.60 would be good). Thank you.
  • robertacretu
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    I buy a runner 3 watch few months ago and can't paired with my android phone. I sync watch only with my computer. I have the newest update 1.7.62, but still not get paired with my phone. I tried everything I found on the forums, but no chance to get the watch paired. Please give me a solution to use my watch. Thank you.
  • Gemagc85
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    Hi Lampard,

    Could you please revert back the software version on my TomTom Spark Music watch to 1.6.26 version?

    Thanks a lot for your support,

  • LostBritTours
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    I am also having syncing issues since last update, between my iPad and device, it tells me it has received a new route, but the route does not appear on my device.
    Also noticing that after my last update, I have a tonne of coloured blocks on the screen, but cannot remove them. So maybe a tomtom major fault
  • Jaey
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    I have consistent issues connecting my watch to the app.
    i cannot update gps, cannot download activities.

    why is this always a problem, I should be able to sync in seconds and sort this but in reality I waste time again and again.

    Please sort this out, you are pushing me away from your brand!!!
  • MichaelHH
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    @lampard Please downgrade me to version 1.7.60. My Spark watch does not connect to my phone anymore with 1.7.62.

  • amku
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    Can you also downgrade me to 1.3.255. I am currently on 1.7.62 and having trouble connecting watch to my (Android) phone. (Thanks in advance!)
  • fab76
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    Do we have a release date for a full working bluetooth release ( watch + android app)?
    I'am currently in 1.6 and each day I have to reboot the bluetooth an start again tomtom sport, for a watch at this price it's very boring!!!
  • lampard
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    @grim22 I've put you on the old version 1.3.255. Please connect your watch to the computer and perform a factory reset, the software will be offered in Sports Connect.

    @josecnso @BassLane @d_fens @FranW @wlk2828 @Fentible @hkirk1 @BdeC @Radzix5 @Charlotte80 @avgguy @MichaelHH @Johninmtl @samtheman0570 @amku @Cart00n @Moosimoosi @Mbeswick @KasiaMac @m0tm0t I've reverted back the software version on your watch to 1.7.60 version. Please connect your watch to the computer and perform a factory reset, the software will be offered in Sports Connect. The battery life of the watch will be impacted if you use the phone notifications feature. (Before pairing the watch, make sure to remove it from the Bluetooth devices under your smartphone)

    @Gemagc85 Can you please tell me what issue are you facing with your watch? Depending on that, I can put you on the right firmware version.

    @LostBritTours Can you please PM me the email address to which you've linked your watch and I'll have a look at it?

    @Jaey @fab76 @Sil40 I can see that you already managed to install the 1.7.60 version on your watch. If you're still having issues with pairing, please make sure to remove the watch from the Bluetooth devices under your smartphone. You can follow the public FAQ here to do so: Android/iOS

    Cheers, lampard
  • fab76
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    yes it what I do each time, but all the around 24h, I've to redo it...

    You didn't answer to my question, when is planned the next upgrade?
  • slundquist42
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    Hello. I have a spark 3 cardio and I was on an older version (forgot to write it down) and just updated to 1.7.62 and still cannot pair to my new iphone 8plus. Can you please roll be back to whichever software version will actually allow me to connect this watch to my phone until this is fixed? I just don't understand how something as simple as a BT connection can be so hard to fix! Thanks for your help.
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