TomTom Touch Cardio and Body Composition Accuracy

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How accurate is the body fat composition %. My device is recording 32% body fat however i am a very active fit woman with a BMI of 23/24 and within recommended height/weight chart. My muscle is registering as 37% so I don't meet the skinny fat criteria.


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    Every body fat composition device takes a measure differently, some measure the whole body (if you stand on sensor pads and hold them in your hand as well), and others (like the Touch) are predominantly looking at the upper body as they are using the hands (arms) only. Since the torso has a much higher fat content than the rest of the body (this is where most people keep fat stores, plus the organs are all protected by visceral fat), a torso dominated measurement will generally be a higher number. The important thing to look at is not the actual number itself, but at the trend. Is the number going up and down over time (looking at weeks and months, not days)? That is the key, to look at the trend, not at a specific number. The measurement is also heavily influenced by the time of day you take it, your hydration level, where you are on your menses cycle (for women) and other factors that it will vary day by day. By looking at it over the long term and seeing how it is trending you will get value out of it.

    I am a competitive athlete with body fat in the single digits (8%-9% generally) and the Touch shows me around 15%. But it is consistently off by that percent, so knowing that it is always going to be offset, I do not worry about the specific number but more if the number is improving or getting worse.

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