TomTom Mobile Go - Cannot locate most addresses from Android Contacts

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Starting from within TomTom Mobile GO:
Searching for an address I can search either from "Addresses", "POI" or "Contacts". If I search from "Contacts", TomTom Mobile GO lists all my contacts (from Android Contacts), but mostly (e.g. Street: "Henriettevej 80", City: "Odense C", ZIP: "5000") cannot locate the address (and using the Search button does help either) - I get the error "Address not found".

If I start from Android Contacts:
Tap a contact, then tap on the address of the contact - I get the choice of either using "GO" (TT Mobile GO) or "Maps" (Google). If I choose "Maps" (Google) it works fine and Google Maps shows the map indicating the address correctly ready for navigation. If I choose "GO" (TomTom Mobile GO) I get the message “Address not found” – just as when I start from within TT Mobile GO.

A few of my contacts actually work with TomTom Mobile GO - but most of them do not. I have tried to test with either adding Country (both “Danmark” and “DNK”) to the addresses – still does not work. I have also tried to remove the ZIP code – does not help either.

How can I make TomTom Mobile GO work with the Android Contacts?

My phone is a “Sony Xperia M4 Aqua”, Android 5.0. The TT Mobile GO is App 1.9 release/1.9 (1273), the map I have downloaded is “Europe” (965.7272).


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    I've had much the same experience - it seems that there are (as yet unknown to me) rules that addresses must follow in order for TT GO to recognise them as correct geographic locations. And even then, with house names (and not numbers) it will often fail completely or give a random location with a tenuous link to the correct address.

    I also have the same problem when using eg the AA Parking app. This app displays details of car parks and offers 'directions' and is even clever enough to know that I have a choice of Google Maps, TT and OSMand+ for navigation. Sending the location to Google Maps works just fine. Sending the location to TT GO does indeed start the TT GO app, but it always gives an error message 'address not found' or equivalent.

    Can I make a suggestion to the TT GO development team? There is clearly a problem passing on addresses to the GO app. The AA Parking app would be a good place to start and see why GO isn't 'playing nice' with this app. And then please, please tell us exactly how addresses need to be specified in our contacts list so that the GO app will indeed recognise them. Thanks in anticipation......
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    I've haven't come across any other apps that don't understand Google address protocols so it's clearly a TomTom problem that they don't seem to be in any hurry to fix, despite the regular complaints. TomTom don't seem to understand that Nav app that doesn't understand the destination is simply a map, wakey wakey TomTom and sort it out!
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    Did anyone find a good solution to this ?
    I have many contacts with lat/long which can be successfully searched from the google contacts BUT searching with in the app any contacts with lat/long or super common addresses will not work?
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    Not as far as I know, I don't think finding an address is deemed a priority :rage:
  • NukeThemAll
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    I've found the best way to get a location (eg from Google or other search engine) passed to TT GO is to use an app called 'Send To GPS'. It's always worked on my phone (Nexus 6) and I use it **a lot**.
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    I found in US address MUST be:

    123 Anystreet Street, City State . NO punctuation except the ONE comma. US is unnecessary, Zip Code CAN be used, state and street can be abbreviated. Remember, just the on comma.

    Works most the time but TT maps are "wwwaaayyy" behind the others.

    I should add, US territory Puerto Rico with TT is hopeless. Sad when they could really use it.
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