Touchscreen on GO 825 not working

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I think I have to reset the Tomtom 825 to factory as the touch screen does not work. I have re downloaded the drivers, tried the reset with the button. The screen shows Tomtom screen picture and cable and tool box but cannot do anything by touching screen? Is the tiny hole top left the reset button? Or do I need to take the back off. Any advice would be appreciated as I am trying to help a friend out that urgently needs to use the 825.


  • dhn
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    Try a drum reset on the unit by holding the power button about 20 seconds till you hear the drum sounds.

    That is if there is not a reset hole on the BOTTOM of the device. The hole you refer to is likely the microphone.
  • MikeEd
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    Thanks dhn
    Tried that. The drum role works but does not help and I am stuck in a loop that keeps on wanting to install the driver. The driver instalsl in Windows Device Manager but disappears when the unit is disconnected and the when I connect again the driver wants to install again. The touch screen does not seem to work. Has anybody got any clues. Why does Tomtom tecs not answer any of these questions. I am new to this forum. Please help,Thanks