Cannot connect since updating to 1.7.62 on TomTom multi sport 2 watch

John Fretwell
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I updated my watch yesterday to 1.7.62

I used it that night at the gym but when I tried to sync it to my phone it would not sync.
After many attempts I gave up and removed the AP then downloaded it again.

As I downloaded the AP again I had to pair again but it won't pair. The phone can see the watch and the watch puts up a number to put into my phone. However, before I can even finish typing the number into my phone the watch goes back to the Pair screen.

I then put my watch back to factory default but same thing. I rebooted my phone several times but same thing.

I now have a very useless TomTom watch which I have no idea how to get working again.

Does anyone know how to fix this?