Map Purchased and Paid for - Order Status is "New"? Where is the map?

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I bought a Tom Tom (Start 52) and have connected MyDrive and updated the device. Easy.

However, I needed to buy a map for Italy. I thought I did this easily (but it was expensive) and there was a green button to "click for MyDrive". When I did this nothing happened, and nothing has since.

My order status says "New"
My credit card has been charged
I am told an e-mail has been sent - but no e-mail received (I got three earlier when I connected the device - so this works) and it is not in my spam
MyDrive does not see any new item, it tells me my device is up to date

Basically it looks like Tom Tom has taken the money and I have nothing. I am in Australia, to is nearly Christmas (so no support) and I am going overseas shortly and I will have no GPS - will have to hire one.

So what should happen when I purchase a map and where can I check / download or action something? What should happen, why do I have no activity or e-mail (but they have charged me...)

Far from impressed with my Tom Tom experience.



  • dhn
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    I assume you mean MyDriveConnect and not MyDrive in your above post, correct?

    It does sometime take time for Tomtom's pay servers to 'talk' to their map servers.

    Unfortunately, you've picked a bad time of year, support wise, to have this glitch. But you'll need to call them if the 'My Content' tab of MyDriveConnect doesn't show the Italy map under 'maps' soon.

    1300 135 604
    Monday-Friday:9:00 am to 5:30 pm AEST
  • AndrewAndrew
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    Yes mydriveconnect is being used and installed updates to my device.
    The purpose of buying the device was so that I had a GPS on an overseas trip.
    However, as per the above, I have been charged for a map, but there is no e-mail from Tom Tom and no map. And no service. I have had a number of e-mails from Tom Tom that want to sell me products for Tom Tom, but nothing for the product that i bought!!

    I would like a full refund for my device and the map - it is going to sit in a box while I go overseas. Can someone who works at Tom Tom look at this and make contact?

    I find it amazing that a business has the software to charge someone within minutes but not the technology to actually delver what the customer has paid for?!?
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    Hello @AndrewAndrew Was this problem solved?
  • VikramK
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    Hi @Andrew

    Welcome to the community...

    Sorry for my late reply here and apologies for the trouble caused..

    I have assigned the map of Italy on your account and you should able to download it using MyDrive Connect. You will find the steps to download the map on the FAQ.