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IanRMcKIanRMcK Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
edited January 2019 in Golfer & Golfer 2
On my TomTom GPS watch that I use for golf - i am getting a message - "storage full".

What can i do about this?


  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,544 Moderator
    Hi IanRMcK,

    Welcome to the Community & sorry for my late reply!

    Can you please try to re-install the golf courses on your Golfer watch? You can do this by following steps below:
    • Connect your watch to your computer.
    • Expand SETTINGS in MySports Connect.
    • Select the GOLF COURSES tab in MySports Connect and click GET NEW MAPS.
    This will fix the issue with the storage on your watch. Let us know!

    Cheers, lampard
  • Micko2003Micko2003 Posts: 4 [Neophyte Traveler]
    Hi there, I have been in contact with Tom Tom technical Support and they tell me that they are aware of this problem but so far have no "Workaround" and have now escalated the issue to 2nd Level Technicians but couldn't give me a date for resolution at this time. Not a very satisfactory reply.
  • jdwet1980jdwet1980 Posts: 9 [Master Explorer]
    So my 'storage low' message changed to 'storage full"
    No reset fixes this.

    Is there perhaps someone from Tomtom that could respond to this thread?
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