Rider 400 screen is Blank-White and Fogged - Indoors

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Last night I brought my 400 in for updates. It had had about an hour in the rain (mild) the day before - and was working fine. This morning, after running updates overnight, the screen is full-white, half of the screen is fogged over, and nothing is visible on the screen.
  1. The computer sees it, and ran another, small update successfully.
  2. Power Button Reset: Screen goes black, and then back to white, and I hear the TomToms.
  3. Its been sitting here, unplugged, for 15 minutes and has not shut off. I assume that at some point the battery will run out.
  4. The unit has NEVER been submerged, or exposed to unreasonable rain or weather.


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    This is a well known problem of Rider 4xx.

    Contact with US support:

    Let us know the result...
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    TT Support spent about an hour and a half on the phone with me.
    Current Status:
    A. Unit is "alive", AND the screen is still SOLID WHITE, and TOTALLY USELESS.
    B. They did offer a "Generous Discount" on a re-purchase.
    Not nearly enough - about the cost of a referb unit.
    C. They Would Not give me ANY Technical or Repair information (authorized or not) so that I could perform an informed autopsy on the device.
    - - - Which is now a very expensive Paper Weight.
    D. IF, as they claim, this is a new issue, I STRONGLY SUGGESTED that the Development and Engineering groups be notified - and I would be pleased to assist them in their assessment of this failure on a Very Gently Used device.

    Actions Taken:
    A. Many various reboots and reset - one of which wiped the "bios".
    B. The "bios" was successfully restored, and the OS was reloaded (verified remotely).
    C. The Video Drivers or Video Controllers are still "FULL ON" (screen solid white.)

    Water Intrusion from a single rain (probably this unit's first) shorted out part of the video (screen) control unit.
    Three days after coming indoors (dry winter environment) there are still water beads under the screen.

    Come On - - - This Unit should be able to take immersion to 6 feet - - - It is reasonably expected to be exposed to rain like in a hurricane!

    At this point, I am not at all happy - - - and I am willing to give them another week or so address the situation before I start sharing my tale of woe.
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    1/2/18 Update:
    Things are looking brighter. Communication continues, and progress toward a satisfactory resolution is being made.
    Nothing EVER happens as fast as you want - And this pace is acceptable.
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