Schuberth SRC C2 and Samsung

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My Tom Tom keeps disconnecting my Samsung S7 to SRC connection and hogging the Bluetooth, have factory reset, still have problem can you advise a solution before I ask for a refund?

As your site stated its a compatible device!


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    The recommended way to connect them is:

    smart-phone --> GPS --> Headset (i.e. do your calls through the Rider).

    In general most of the Bluetooth devices are compatible in terms of connectivity as long as they support the needed profiles (e.g. HSP for headsets) but how the connections are managed is something else. Every manufacturer do whatever he thinks...

    On Android phones you may have to adjust power saving settings, or use a 3rd party app to manage better the connections.
  • GozyGozy Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Will be asking for a refund I'm not here to Beta test a Flag Ship product!

    So disappointed with Tom Tom
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    This is a problem of the whole digital industry, not only TomTom.

    You’ll find similar problems with other manufacturers... Garmin, Cardo, Apple, Inetrphone, etc. they all have their problems or features... Every implementation has its quirks.

    The funny is that some really cheap products work better than some flagship ones...

    I’m afraid without some digging you’ll not find what you need. This forum is a nice resource with users with the same combination and solutions...
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    Ste7ios wrote:

    The funny is that some really cheap products work better than some flagship ones...

    I would agree with the above my tt450 worked great with a cheap cardo copy and Nolan Ncom B4 but with my Schuberth/Sena SC10u its crap. I believe this is due to the BT data tether use for traffic etc. but what ever its very annoying.
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