Calorie Burn on Runner 3 not transferring to the App or website

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Hi, for the last week or so, my Runner 3 watch has shown eg a calorie burn of 2300 per day but on the app it is only transmitting 1900 per day. Similarly for the weekly burn.

In addition, the amount of calories burned for a session of running might be eg 500 calories for the run, but in the app, it is translating as 800 calories.

Why is this and how do I make the transfer of data from the watch to the app more accurate?


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    I have never seen that happen before. Differences in daily activity calories could vary based on timing of when the app updates compared to the watch but for a sports activity they should always match. Are you sure you are looking at the same activity and looking at sports versus daily activity tracking?

    You may want to call Customer Support to ask them about it, but I would try a factory reset first in case it is just an issue in your firmware install. To do a factory reset, make sure the Connect software is running and dock the device to your computer. The Connect window will open; press the gear at the top right and select factory reset from the next screen. Follow the steps provided and when prompted to register or sign in to MySports, select sign in and use your existing account credentials. It is fairly straightforward and should take less than 5 minutes.

    To get the number for Customer Support, go to, choose Contact at the bottom, select the service required and the product name and click Contact Customer Care and then Phone Us. It will give you the phone number for the country your account is registered under (this can be changed by clicking the flag icon in the bottom right corner of the screen).

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.