Vo2max is not improving though I train a lot

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Something's wrong. My vo2max is not improving even though I train a lot - mostly running and cycling. I've gained 8 stars in a row, that is more than 500 fitnesspoints a day for 8 days, and my vo2max dropped from 58 to 57. How come?
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    To estimate your vo2max just run Cooper test - run as far as possible within 12 minutes.
    For vo2max 58 you need 3100 meters within 12 minutes. Can you do that?

    That's the equation for vo2max based on Cooper test:
    VO2max= (distance covered in meters - 504.9) / 44.73

    What were your running trainings in the last 7 days? Were there any vo2max specific trainings like intervals at close to 100% HR max, hill intervals @ 3k pace ? What does "training a lot" mean for you?
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    Thank you for the advice. I'll try to do a Cooper test one of these days. My trainings we're not specific on improving vo2max. I thought there were a connection between fitnesspoints and vo2max. But TomTom answered me explaining thats there's not.