Watch not charging- Not starting-

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My watch won’t charge and is completely dead? Any ideas?


  • tfarabaugh
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    Do you get any reaction when you plug it into a computer? Is there any damage to the pins in the charger or the contacts on the watch? If any of the pins are bent or deformed straighten them out with a pin and make sure the contacts on the back of the watch are free of tarnish or grime. Also make sure it is fully snapped into the cradle. If it does not have a full connection it will charge but it will not be recognized by the computer. It seems simple but this is generally the issue. It needs to fully click into the cradle and it may help to take it out of the band to do so.

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    Hi, have you tried another USB port?
    Did you try another team?
    If you have a polymeter, measure the output of the connector of the Runner cable once connected to the USB and check that it is giving 5 volts.