Old device but needs update, but I don’t like new style software

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Hi all
I’m a taxi driver and I have had a 530 go for a long time doing annual update and have just ran for last year or so without a map update.
I was notified from Tom tom that my device wouldn’t allow updates a year or more back.
I understand this and they said due to device memory size.
I was offered a loyalty discount but was cheaper to get from currys.

I bought tried one of the new style 42 ones and really don’t like the set up which the old one is much better and faster.
Is there any of the newer ones have a different set up on a higher spec ?

My old 530 has a sd card slot is there anyway of getting a latest map on an sd card and using that ?
Or could anyone recommend what devices might be about anywhere wether used or just sitting on a dusty shelf with the old style software and will still do valid updates?

Hoping to get sorted with some common sense?