GO Mobile App- Avoid road block functionality missing

berrrtieberrrtie Posts: 9 [Legendary Explorer]
I'll start by saying I am absolutely furious.. so apologies in advance If this post seems aggressive.

I've just lost an hour of my life partly due to the British roadworks and poorly signposted diversions but I blame most of my loss on TomTom Go.

The key reason (for what I can fathom) as to why the 'Avoid Roadblock' function is missing from the app is because of the absolute faith you're supposed to put in the traffic alerting system.

But when a series of major road closures (2x motorway entrances) aren't reported, and the aforementioned diversions don't make much sense.. to have the app continually lead you back to the same closed road is incredibly frustrating.

Why on earth is 'Avoid Roadblock' STILL missing??
The current system has failed me more times than I can count.
As a Tomtom user for over a decade I now question my loyalty


  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 7,786 TomTom Moderator
    Hi berrrtie

    I am sorry to hear about the problems you had. Avoid roadblock feature is something that has been requested before and we are working hard to get this included.

    Please see this FAQ where we have listed the feature that will be added to the app in the future releases.

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  • Neil ONeil O Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Loving this post is marked as solved...am I missing something...still no avoid blocked road functionality. Are you really working hard to get it included? 7 months of really hatrd work would surely have produced a solution....?
  • SuperhoopsSuperhoops Posts: 13 [Legendary Explorer]
    I believe development has ceased. Still no avoid roadblock, still no list of the planned route(essential to me), still no easy to use advanced planning, still cant see time to go, distance to go, time of arrival at the same time. Still can’t read messages on the traffic bar due to colours used. Etc etc. There has been no useful update for a long time.
    Reckon this side of their business is being wound down, there’s certainly very little if any work being done on it.
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