Touch screen not working anymore on my Rider 400 after a heavy rain.

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I bought my Rider 400 in 2015, it had problems with the rain after the first month (screen activated by drops), but I was able to live with that.

Two months ago I was riding for 2 hours under heavy rain, the screen started to react to the rain drops (as usual), and at some point it was unusable, but the worst part was that I saw water inside the screen.

Now the touch screen is not working at all, and I´m trying to send it for repair since October 25th without any luck.

I live in Brazil, then 15 days after I opened the case, support team told me that I have to send it to South Africa and contacted me with a courier to collect my GPS from my home and send it to the repair central in South Africa, but after 20 days of e-mails, the courier said they don´t collect packages in this country, and of course, my support case was already closed after 28 days.

My question is this: What should I do to get my Rider repaired? Anybody know how this work?

I spent 461 euros in a waterproof GPS that doesn't resist the rain, then I agree to spend 109 euros more for the repair because my Rider is out of warranty (otherwise I will have an expensive paper weight), but is almost impossible for me, from this side of the world, to get this repaired.

Any ideas? Anybody knows how this work? (And sorry for the rant, but the lack of response is frustrating!)


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    Hi GSaraceni

    Sorry to hear about the trouble with booking a repair/replacement for your RIDER.

    Sending the device to South Africa is definitely not a convenient solution in this case. I think the agent got confused between countries.

    I will ask someone from the customer service to pick up the new incident you recently created and offer quick assistance.

    Sincere apologies...

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