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Live services terminated without warning and no response on support question

Philippe123Philippe123 Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
I have been using a TomTom Via Live 125 succesfully and very happy for years. Each year I have bought another package for map update service and Live traffic services.

But now this has turned sour: all of sudden (around the 1st of november) the live services shut down on my device. It seems that the SIM in the device is no longer accepted on the phone network. Mind you, I have paid for the live services up until mid december 2017.

When trying to contact TomTom on this I am faced with this:
- I have filed a question under the support tab on the TomTom website; I did get a first reply after 4 working days with just a standard answer (please hardware reset your device). I immediately tested this with no effect and added this info to the question. Since then no single reply on the question.
- I tried calling the TomTom customer centre but they had a waiting time of 20 minutes and also informed me that my device is too old to get support on the phone (while I paid 35 euro's for live services less than a year ago!)

Before this happened I was inclined to buy a new TomTom device with lifetime maps or maybe try the iphone app. But with this kind of response for a paying customer I am not very much inclined to do this.

What can I do to get my device working or at least an answer on the question why my live services are not working???


  • NiallNiall Posts: 10,570 Superuser

    Next time you call Customer Services, keep quite about which device you have till you are speaking to a real person ;)

    You will need to contact them to re-activate your SIM so as to to get 'Live Services'

    CS United Kingdom
    02079 490 134
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
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