Contacts search issues on my GO Mobile iOS

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When I go to search contacts, instead of a "slight" delay, it takes a couple of minutes to load the contacts. It takes so long that I thought the app was locked up and forced closed it several times. This is ridiculous. The old USA app just shows my contact lists and lets me pick a contact, then parses the address.
Second, when the contact list finally loads, it's missing a good portion of my contacts. Yes, they do have correct addresses, the old USA app doesn't have problem loading the address, so the Go shouldn't either.
This app has so many issues that it should be labeled beta. Dropped support for the old app, forcing everyone to go to the new app, which has less features, less functionality and more bugs.
I've sent an email to customer service also, but I wanted to see if anyone else has this issue, plus venting a little.


  • RJantz
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    I've been telling them all these things since Go was introduced months and months ago...they just don't seem to care. They just keep saying it will get better. I just don't get why they would release and push everyone towards a version that wasn't ready.

    I have over 1,000 contacts and it takes a long time for my contacts to load as well...and they aren't all there but there isn't any rhyme or reason as to which ones don't show up. It's not like it just the ones at the end of the is spotty, some here, and some there.

    I don't have enough space here to describe all the issues that exist...and they we could start on the features that are missing when compared to the original version.

    It's just a big fail!!
  • jemkeith
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    I agree with you 100%.
  • MikkoK
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    Hi all,

    Thanks for reporting this!

    We have an investigation going on about this. If you have a lot of contacts on your phone, it can indeed take some time to load them. Please, mention your phone model, iOS version and the number of contacts on your phone so that I can add them to the ticket.

    @ Keith: Your app crashing sound to me like a different issue. I'd recommend you to re-install the app.

    Cheers, Mikko
  • jemkeith
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    My app didn't crash. It took so long to load the contacts that I thought it had.
    This in on a 7 plus on both ios 10 and 11. I have around 200 contacts.
    It shouldn't matter if I have 10,000. No other app that has access to my contacts has this issue. You shouldn't try to parse the addresses when I click on contacts. You should wait until I choose a contact and then check the address. If there's an issue at that point, let me know!
    You know, EXACTLY like the old app...
  • jemkeith
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    Tomtom go, another huge leap backwards in functionality.
  • MikkoK
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    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for the info! I'll add this to the ticket.

    Cheers, Mikko
  • Erho65
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    Indeed same here. Took forever to load contacts. The app does not let you choose between different addresses with one contact. Eg between home address and office address. This is a must
  • emariella
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    Hi guys! I experienced the same difficulties. The requested data for the community manager are:
    Software version 1.9.1
    Hardware iPhone 6
    Operative System iOS 11.0.1
    Number of stored contacts 2.330
    Thank for your attention
  • lampard
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    Hi emariella,

    Thank you for the information! I'll add this to the ticket.

    Regards, lampard
  • bolection
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    I've just upgraded to the GO app. When it was first installed the contacts appeared immediately for the first day or so however they're now not appearing at all. The app appears as though it's hanging. Shutting it down and re-starting doesn't make a difference. Has anyone got a fix for this...?
  • matteocorti
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    Same problem with iOS 11 and around 1200 contacts (iCloud)
  • Enks
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    I have just the same problems.
    Slow and Some contacts are not found. With the old version never had problems. That was the best.
    I think I go for another app!
  • RJantz
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    My Phone model: iPhone 7 (MN9N2LL/A)
    iOS Version: 11.0.3 (15A432)
    Number of Contacts: 1,017
    TomTom GO Version: 1.9.2

    I've repeatedly giving this kind of supposedly help. Problem is, I stand by my previous comments, TomTom doesn't really care or just has programmers that need to be let go. There is just no appearance that TomTom cares about those of us that made TomTom the best Nav App by giving them our hard earned cash for the both the App and the Traffic. On the old version, I happily gave them my money. On this version, they should pay me to use it. The real problem is that this isn't the only problem with this version, there is a very long list, and they aren't small bugs, some of them are at the core of this new the fact that the auto-zooming SUCKS. It zooms in so far that it causes there to be a huge lag and disconnect between where you are on the road and where you are on the TomTom GO map. I have been communicating issues with TomTom GO for 1 1/2 years. Where has that gotten me or us? I'll tell you where...nowhere! Not only is this version riddled with bugs and issues, it also doesn't have feature parity with the version that now, no longer works (that just shouldn't be true after this much time). I would much rather use the old version (even without support and future updates) than I would this new version!
  • MioMark
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    Same problem here. iOS 9, 10 and 11. iPhone 6, 7. The Contacts search is completely useless. And it's one of the most used. :(
    I've got almost 3000 contact (company addresses) and have to start the app 20 minutes before I leave.
    It looks like they are calculating the way for all of them before showing the list... :?

    Too bad, because once you've got the address right it's a very nice app !
  • mpechner
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    Contact search stopped working a couple of months ago. Kept forgetting to complain. Only about 200 contacts.
    iphone 6. IOS - 11.2.1

    Please do not make me switch to that crappy over social WAZE.

    I miss the old app. It just worked!
  • Sleepery_Jeem
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    iOS 11.2.5, iPhone 5, map New Zealand 1000.8633, NavKit R17.1. And 165 contacts.

    No trouble using it in Australia but now on holiday in NZ and getting 'No contacts found' for 'Be' which is 'Beaches' but 'B' does produce 1 result (Beechwoods) from the 3 'Be...' entries and roughly 18 entries beginning with B.

    Not much use chaps!
  • danieldias
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    For me, contact search never was reliable on this 'almost stupid app'. Today I tried again: some it finds, some doesn't. No way to understand why. The old app worked perfectly, I wish I could go back! Yes, today also crashed 2 times entering an address.
    iOS 11.2.6
    iPhone 7
    The time it ends the free 'upgrade' to the GO, it will be time to go to a better, more reliable and free app.