No voice and other issues on iphone with Go mobile iOS

Kevin Windsor
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Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can help. We have recently upgraded to tom tom go. Voice no longer seems to be working on both mine and my wife’s iPhones. Tried reinstalling and rebooting to no effect on both phones.
Also, we have noticed that the final destination km/mile count is often wrong. For example turn right in 22 miles (correct) Burt final destination mileage is 16 miles (incorrect).
We have had Tom Tom navigation on our phones for at least 5 years with no problems up until now. Since we have this new Go system we are very unhappy,
Any help would be appreciated,


  • Michael Procter
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    I will assume that you have downloaded the voice in settings/voices. I use serena, which works fine for me. Not noticed any discrepancies with the 2 displayed mileage’s either. I’ve been using GO Mobile since launch, and personally prefer it to the old app. It has almost caught up with the stand alone GO NAV4 products. But I have found is more reliable and live traffic which is very much needed in my area has saved me many hours.
  • Kevin Windsor
    Kevin Windsor Registered Users Posts: 5
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    Hello Michael, yes we have downloaded the voices and we also chose Serena. It still, however, doesn’t work unfortunately. Apart from this we also like this new app.
  • Sleepery_Jeem
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    Let me just say that on 4 short trips yesterday and 1 of 2 hours Serena worked on 2.

    Did a hard shutdown of the iPhone to no avail and that after force killing TomTom.

    Addnthis to the other issues and I'm starting checking out other apps for the job. The two tries so far also fail though.