TomTom Touch bluetooth with Oreo 8.0

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Since update my mobile to Oreo 8.0.0, Bluetooth doesn't find the tracker.
How can help please


  • tfarabaugh
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    I am not sure they are supporting the newest version of Android as it has only been rolled out in a few phones. I would expect a patch at some time in the future when there are more than a handful of devices using 8.0. But in case it is not a lack of compatibility with the OS I would suggest doing a factory reset and repairing the device using these step: uninstall the app, remove or forget the device from the phone's BT menu, factory reset the device, reinstall the app, select Pair New on the app, go into pairing mode on the device and follow the prompts on the phone. You should not be pairing the device first through the phone's BT menu; it is all done through the app and you must have the phone forget the device in the BT menu before re-pairing.

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