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"If I want to go from my location Coevorden (Drenthe) to, for example, Amersfoort with the navigation and then back again, I often get a different route back to the highway (the first part in town or city before you get to the highway) is me Noticed a few times this is not strange this was also the case with another navigation app. The trip was the best route in either case. You would expect that it would take the same route as the one passing by. Where could this be for an institution, for example, who can help me to take the return journey along the same roads than the journey, then it's perfect. Top navigation app TOMTOM GO Mobile is doing well, so you can also give great results. The roadworks in the area are right and give you the best route.
It's about the journey when you get off the highway and drive the city or village into the destination and on the return trip, you'll get back to the highway if you return to the highway.
which is often very good at the return trip and backwards, which is less common in the same way as the journey, hopes it is clear."

Thank you for understanding.

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    It's a little difficult to grasp what you have written. But here is a shot at answering it.
    If I understand you corrrectly you want to use the same route in both directions.
    Try preplaning the route on a computer. That way you will be able to insert waypoints to force the unit to direct you along the roads you want.
    Sometimes in towns if you are facing a particular way it may direct you in that direction before guiding you onto the route you require.
    Or it could be to do with the directional layout of the town roads ie (one-way roads)

    Plus it could do with what type of route is showing in the setting menu. Fast, short, twisty.