Phone wont "send route to device"

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Hi all. I recently acquired a 520 go pro as a gift and was using it just fine with the app on my phone. It worked well up until the first software update came about and hasn't connected properly since. On the sat nav it shows the phone is connected and I can (probably) make and receive calls through it....although my work were trying to call me for hours one day and not getting through (possibly network as was driving through the highlands of scotland).
Still, the phone icon is displayed on the satnav but the app on my phone shows that the device isn't in range.
Any ideas? I'll see if there is an update for the app as I turn off auto update on everything.

Ideally I'd like tomtom staff to sort this one out but you guys seem more helpful.

Cheers! ?


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    Are you still signed in to your TomTom account on both the satnav and phone? Sometimes one or both "forgets" who you are.

    If that's not the issue, which phone model do you use? There are sometimes reports of problems with a particular model.
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    Solved it. Had to reset the satnav. Then downloaded the updates. Once I went through the pairing phone to sat nav bit it worked again. Problem solved ☺