Heart rate monitor randomly stops in rest

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The heart rate monitor of my adventurer stops randomly during rest. When I go to an activity when it has stopped it doesnt start (leds stay off). Only when I go to settings>sensors>heart switching it off, go omd step back and then beck to heart to switch it on, it works for a while in rest and keeps on working during activities. It has firmware 1.7.53 and I tried factory reset which didnt help. Tomtom suggests sending it to them to replace the sensor but I have doubts if it is the sensor itself. The watch is barely half a year old.
Anymother suggestions than sending it for repair?


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    You asked TT what to do about it and they told you they will replace it (they actually replace them, they don't repair them) and you don't like the answer? Are you an expert on HR sensors that you determined it is not a problem with the sensor? The only other suggestion that a user can provide is to do a factory reset, which you already tried. Just send it in and get a new one.

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