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I am planning a long route in europe for next year. The planning of the route is straight forward but as I will be travelling with other bikers I am planning to stop at various places for fuel etc.
I have used the my route App basic for the planning but now want to put in stops. this is where I get lost as when I do save the route as a GPX 1.1 file, it goes to the download folder, so far ok. If I then open it, it opens in Tyre to travel with two options 1. route points. 2. route tracks.
In route points I am able to change way points to stops which is ok but if I then save the file and close it, but at a later time reopen it, the stops have been changed back to way points. I am currently kicking the wall over this. How can I get over this annoying situation.

As far as route track are concerned I do not seem to be able to make changes. Help

As I normally travel on my own I have not learnt how to produce POI's of my own while at my computer. Would installing POI's overcome the above problem. Help again please.


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    Tugman, I'm sorry but I have bad news for you: there is no workaround for your problem.
    You can work days long on your PC using desktop applications (like Tyre) or web applications but, when you will import the route on your Rider, every change made will be ignored and forced back to the Rider management standards.

    Even worst, if you browse this forum you will find a lot of issues about route/waypoint management; all of them have been raised many months ago, none of them have been solved.

    In my opinion, it seems that this software have been developed for the kind delivering pizzas from point a to point b, fastest/shortest route as possible.
    The really sad thing is that all these features, reported as missing from real world bikers, where existing for previous TomTom Rider series. Who dis ask the development team to drop them?
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