TomTom Bandit camera only record for a minute

Dick 1a
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I have a Tom Tom bandit camera that will only record for a minute or so, and then it will go to zzos .
The camera has been reset and the wifi as well ,SIM card has had been formatted.


  • Ekman
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    Hi there Dick 1a, and welcome to the Community!

    It sounds like you've gone through some troubleshooting already, but I'll dig around and see what we can find regarding this before setting up a contact. Could you provide a bit more information on which modes you've tried recording in when this happens, and if it's both with and without being connected to the Bandit app?

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    / Jonatan
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    You will need to upgrade your sd card. When you buy an sd card for your camera make sure it has a 10 with a little circle around it. Any card that has a number less than this will not work. Because it is a high definition camera it requires a fast sd card.
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    If you already have a class 10 card, don't bank on a new card fixing the problem.

    A random stopping issue has spoiled my experience with what is otherwise an excellent camera. I also get a 'Check SD card' error message. Stoppages are unpredictable; sometimes after a minute, sometimes after 20 minutes. Some days it'll go all day without stopping, while other days it'll stop repeatedly. I often have the camera attached to my motorcycle, and can't see whether the camera has stopped until I get off the bike. It doesn't stop frequently enough to make the camera unusable, but it is a pain in the bum.

    I thought it might be a card issue. But the second card I tried (a higher spec one) didn't make any difference. Both cards should be more than capable.

    FYI - the cards I've used are:
    Silicon Power (SP) Elite 128GB microSDXC UHS-1 class 10 (claimed speed: read 75MB/s - write 20MB/s)
    Samsung Evo Plus 256GB microSDXC UHS-1 class 10/U3 (claimed speed: read 100MB/s - write 90MB/s)