TomTom Vio App Download not Supported in your Country.

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Hi, I was at the EICMA fair stand and I got an explanation on the Vio. I made it a point that I am from Malta, and I was assured that the Malta maps are also included. Since I could not buy the item from the fair, I ordered it online. I just opened the box and tried to install the app. Maltese maps are supported but the Tom Tom Vio App is NOT. This does not make any sense. How come Malta is not supported for the app? What shall I do now? Can you please help?



  • VikramK
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    Hi Alan

    Welcome to the community:)

    The Vio app is available for download in countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria & Switzerland.

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    Legendary Explorer's also available here in Denmark.
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    hi Alan,
    Have you solved your problem?
    I am from Malta too and like you I bought it fact am still waiting for it to arrive......and like you I couldn't download it from the Play Store (Android).
    Managed to download it from a 3rd party site but my concern are the updates.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Mine is still in the box..never managed to make it work. I downloaded the app from a 3rd party site too but still got a message saying "No Internet Connection" even while connected to 4g.

    If you manage to make it work keep me updated..might as well meet and show me how you did it :)


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    Try changing the phone’s location to a country that has the app in the Store.

    check this reply