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Setting up track intervals

RebeccatxRebeccatx Posts: 11 [Legendary Explorer]
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I am wanting to use the intervals with my watch and I understand how to set it up and it works fine BUT I need to enter more than a .5 it only gives me one space for a number when I set the distance I mean I can use 1.5 but I need after the decimal for track work out’s I don’t want to round. I need to have it exact to see if I am hitting my target pace.. Help!

I want to run 600’s which are .37 mile how do I make this work on here??


  • FrenzyFrenzy Posts: 6 [Master Traveler]
    I always change it to metric in settings when doing track sessions.
  • RebeccatxRebeccatx Posts: 11 [Legendary Explorer]
    still doesn't work I need that tenth decimal .
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