Where is the INT import option - MyDrive Route Planner?

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Why can I not save my planned route as an .ITN file from Tom Tom's web site???

Ever since owning my TomTom 400 Rider, I've used MotoGoLoco to plan routes and down load to my Tom Tom. The biggest reason was that at the time, "My Drive Route Planner" (from Tom Tom's web site) did not allow the user to drag and drop the line displaying the route. Last night I was planning a new route and decided to see if TomTom had added this feature. To my delight, they had. So now like any other mapping site, one can drag the line and create the route on the roads desired.

What a disappointment as I went to save the route and learn the only save option was to import as a GPX file. While it saves to My Routes, it actually displays on my rider as a"track" and not a "route." Tracks do not give me as many options as a route does. For example, as an ITN file, I can view instruction, find alternative, change route type, and more. As a .GPX file (track) I loss all of the above mentioned options and more.

Is there any plans to allow the user to save as a .INT from the Tom Tom site, or do I continue to use MotoGoLoco??


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    The MyDrive Route planner will only transfer .GPX files... Tyre also uses the MyDrive Route planner during the transfer of a Route to your Rider 4xx

    Rider 400 Easy route upload
    The Rider 400 will give you direct access to a small 50MB partition of the Rider4xx internal memory and if fitted your Micro SD Card, you can drag & drop you're .ITN or .GPX route files directly to the Rider 400 Memory or the Memory card over a secure system
    See..... https://en.discussions.tomtom.com/go-5xxx-6xxx-series-go-4xx-6xx-series-go-via-and-start-4x-6x-series-mydrive-connect-176/route-with-multiple-destinations-and-waypoints-1002212?postid=1085184

    Transferring a .ITN or .GPX route file/s to your NAV4/(5 Wifi) device using a Micro SD Memory Card
    See..... https://en.discussions.tomtom.com/mydrive-connect-apps-474/mydrive-ability-to-add-waypoints-1007398?postid=1103601

    Transferring a route FROM my Rider 4xx TO my PC using Bluetooth (Or a Micro SD Card)
    Tap 4Dot(.... Menu) --> MyRoutes --> Share Tracks --> select the Recorded Route
    --> Tap Share --> Choose Memory card or Bluetooth --> Follow the on-screen prompts to completion.....

    Convert a .GPX file to .ITN on the device
    I've also found.....
    When you have sent a route to the device using the MyDrive Web Route planner "Send to device" Tab
    After the device calculates the route you can.....

    Tap somewhere on the displayed route
    A quick Menu should open Tap the 3Dot Icon
    Tap Manage Route
    Tap Add to my Routes
    Accept or Rename the route
    Tap Add
    The route is added to "MyRoutes" as a .ITN file (Solid Arrow) displayed in the MyRoutes list of routes
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