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We have and RV with a Uconnect 5 Radio Nav. Now I find the sound volume of the lady who gives the instructions very soft and would like to have them harder. In the settings I can not find anything here. Is it possible to screw up the volume. and there is another voice to select.
Furthermore, I find the answer to another question very moderate considering the price of the radio Nav 1000 euro. Fortunately, Fiat has now switched to another brand Radio / Nav.


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    Hi there Bleekie46, and welcome to the Community!

    The software, hardware and support for the Uconnect 5" Radio Nav is provided by Fiat, so if no other users here have any experience or suggestions, I would recommend you having a look at the links and options described here for additional help: https://uk.support.tomtom.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/17760

    I'm not entirely sure what answer you are referring to after the "furthermore", but if you have any other questions or so feel free to post them here!

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    / Jonatan